Friday, March 8, 2013

Toothpaste for a year!!!!

So with the new year we need to all start saving and stocking up. We never know what might happen in our lives.  So every month we are going to try to focus on stocking enough of one thing for our family for a year.

March - Toothpaste

I have looked around and priced toothpaste and found that the dollar store is the best deal with it now accepting coupons.  So get on ebay or another coupon buying site buy a lot of 10 or 20 coupons and stock up!!!  It makes a tube of toothpaste $0.50.

For my family of 9 we figured we needed between 35-40 tubes to last a year.  With this idea I can get enough toothpaste for my family for a year for about $20.

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