Monday, November 21, 2011

lego deal

There are some great deals for little Lego fans including Star Wars Legos and little Harry Potter lego sets!
You can choose from 19 different Lego Bundles priced at 2 for $20. The shipping is just $.97!
To get this deal just head over here and look toward the left side- there are 19 different ones to choose from.

You can also pick from value sets priced at 2/$30. This is includes the tubs of Legos- in pink or blue- as well as Toy Story, Star Wars and Harry Potter Lego sets. The shipping is also $.97!
To get this offer just go over here and you should see a total of 23 options on the left side. I believe you pick 2 and add them to your cart and the price should be $30 + .97.
If you just want that big tub pictured above, you can order it in pink or blue for $15 + $.97 shipping and skip the bundle.
I am guessing these will sell out quickly because this is a great price for Legos!

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